Summer French Camps 2020

French Cooking Class
Hannahas Cendrillon

(Dates/theme posted in video have changed)

"Bonjour bonjour mes amis" song written and produced by Franc-O-Fun & copyright 2010

  • Puppetry
  • Cooking
  • Theme crafts
  • sign Language
  • Games
  • theatre
  • & Original Music

What are French Camps all about?

Our Summer French Camps, which began in 1995, have drawn hundreds of children from all over Fairfield County to summer sessions of intensive French learning and fun. Imagine your child speaking, singing and breathing French! This tour de force is a highlight of the Franc-O-Fun program sweeping children up into a world of fantasy, effectively and dramatically improving fluency in French in just one or two weeks time! We choose themes that are creative and magical, steeped in stories and simple play, providing useful vocabulary for our campers.

Brand new beginners to intermediate are bienvenue (welcome) - all are immersed in French with the use of puppetry, fairytale musical theatre, original songs, sign language, games, finger-play, arts & crafts and French Cooking ~ children ages 6 and older work as well on reading and writing French. Target vocabulary is very carefully crafted so that children are exposed repeatedly throughout the day to build retention and comprehension. Original songs are written specifically for our students and the last day of camp the French campers perform in a large-scale (costumes, scenery, music) program for their families – tout en français!!

maman et Bebeourson


Preschool French Camp

Boucles d'Or et les 3 Ours dans la forêt magique

Goldilocks & the 3 Bears in the Magic Forest

June 15-19 | 10am-1pm | Ages 3-5

This camp is timed perfectly for children just finishing nursery school. Come skip with Boucles d’Or (Goldilocks) into the magical French forest to discover the Trois Ours' (three bears) home where campers will sing about soup (French onion!), play musical chairs in the living room, get sleepy and sing lullabies in the bedroom, all while learning practical vocabulary and telling this well-known story that will finish with une fin heureuse (happy ending) when the bears and Boucles d’Or become good friends. The children will experience a gentle introduction to French and feel as though they are walking into a fairy tale with whimsical and warm decor, original music AND daily theme-based art projects or becoming petits chefs in the kitchen making French desserts. Can’t wait to welcome your little ones at this sweet French Camp.

  • Pay by 2/1 $305
  • Pay by 3/1 $330
  • Full rate from 4/1 until camp begins $355
maman et Bebeourson


Our "Tour de Force"

Cendrillon et Ses Nobles Chevaliers

Cinderella & Her Noble Knights

40 hours of French immersion over 2 weeks

July 6-17 | 10am-2pm | Ages 3-10

Calling all peasants and royalty (children ages 3 – 10)! Be escorted by pumpkin coach into this classic French fairytale where you will live and do housework with this humble servant girl and then be transformed into princesses and knights at the masked ball ~ all the while ~ immersed in the French language and culture!

Children will enjoy daily foundational French with games & songs in addition to Cinderella theme-based vocabulary around household chores, getting dressed/clothing, friendship with animals & magic fairies while the Noble Knights will enjoy adventure and a scavenger hunt.

They will participate in unique theme-related craft projects on Monday/Wednesday/Friday and French cooking of desserts on Tuesday/Thursday each week. Campers will be divided into three groups according to their age/skill level along with a teacher and junior counselors. The whole camp will assemble together for opening and closing time each day as well as for our lunchtime picnic and recess.

  • Full Day
  • Pay by 2/1 $695
  • Pay by 3/1 $720
  • Full rate from 4/1 until camp begins $735
  • Half Day
  • Pay by 2/1 $395
  • Pay by 3/1 $420
  • Full rate from 4/1 until camp begins $435
maman et Bebeourson


A French Culinary Extravaganza

French Cooking Camp

August 3-7 | 10am-1pm | Ages 3-10

Calling all les petits chefs that would like to experience a French Cooking Extravaganza. Spend a week of preparing French desserts while learning to speak and sing and play in French. Each day they will sample their treats and serve their parents in a pretend French restaurant. They will learn vocabulary and phrases around shopping and preparing French gourmet desserts. This is for children ages 3-10. Oh là là - Bon Appétit

  • Pay by 2/1 $305
  • Pay by 3/1 $330
  • Full rate from 4/1 until camp begins $355

Neighborhood Mini-French Camps

August 10-14

La Chenille qui avait très faim à Paris

The Hungry Caterpillar in Paris

Campers will love visiting le jardin secret (the secret garden) in Paris and meeting their caterpillar friends that seem to always be hungry. They will wander a bit around Paris, enjoying food along the way and meeting some French friends, singing songs and of course, transforming into beautiful papillons (butterflies). Daily theme-related craft projects are a fun part of this camp as well as creative movement, sign language, finger play, learning colors-days of the week-foods and more.

August 17-21

Bonsoir Lune ET Bonne Nuit fais de beaux rêves

Good Night Moon AND Good Night, Sweet Dreams

Children will enjoy these cozy, sleepy stories that will lend themselves well to learning about the night time sky, getting ready for bed, bedroom objects and animals. These familiar books, read and acted out in French, of course, will engage the campers in a sweet, gentle ambiance that eases them into learning, speaking and singing (younger children) or enables them to tell the stories themselves with confidence (older children). Daily theme-related craft projects are a fun part of this camp as well as creative movement, sign language, finger play, original music and FUN!

Tuition varies between $108 and $126 per child based on location and # of campers.

*A discount scale is not offered for these three one-hour lessons per week camps

How do the Neighborhood Mini-French Camps work?

These neighborhood mini-French camps are tailor-made for families that would like to gather friends in their neighborhood for a fun week of French that is a beautiful way to either expose children for the first time to French OR to continue the summer learning with a more intimate and convenient locale. Here is how it works:

Bring together a minimum of six children or maximum of 10, choose your three days of that particular week (i.e. Monday/Wednesday/Friday..) and a one hour time slot to meet each of those days and that’s it! Camp fees will be based on the number of children and the location. We will work with you if you would like a longer time frame and adjust the rate accordingly.

"I hosted a Mini-French Camp over the summer and it was a wonderful experience. Not only was it fun for my daughters to welcome their friends into our home, it was so convenient for me. The kids loved the songs, crafts and sometimes even French pastries! I loved meeting other local parents who also want to introduce their young children to the French language in a fun and safe environment."

Junior Counselor-In-Training

For YOUTH ages 11-15

Youth ages 11-15 are invited to apply to participate in this opportunity to learn French while also learning to be a junior assistant to French teachers. Six applicants will be accepted to assist teachers three hours per day and then to receive their own small group French instruction for one hour per day. These youth need to have had some prior French and will be selected accordingly. Upon completion of 2 two-week French Camp sessions, they will be considered for future Junior Assistant staff positions!

Tuition: $155 for cooking camps & $385 for 2 week camp. Interviews will be conducted in February and March. Applicants will be notified of acceptance by April 1st. Register by April 1st for discounted price and to secure a space in these very popular camps!

"Being a JACIT has been a fantastic opportunity to share the French language and culture with my young campers. I have learned so much and made good friends during my 12 years as a Franc-O-Fun studnet."

— Sarah B.

"Having the opportunity to be a JACIT is amazing! It's such an enriching experience, like French class and babysitting combined. It's so much fun being able to teach young kids about French, French cuisine, and French-themed arts and crafts!”

— Remi Repsher, Age 13

Top 10 Reasons To Go To Camp

  1. To expose your child to four hours of French a day for two weeks. That makes forty
    hours (around $18 per hour)!!
  2. Because the Camper ~ Teacher/assistant teacher ratios are one to six, it maintains an
    intimate and nurturing forum for learning
  3. To meet Cendrillon, the prince, the little mice and Fée Magique
  4. To come to a theatre/music/cooking/art camp all tied up into one AND where French is learned and spoken the whole time!
  5. To watch a puppet show every morning during opening assembly by Franc-O-Fun assistants.
  6. To celebrate la fête de la Bastille on July 14th!
  7. Because the cooking projects (surtout les crêpes) are SO délicieux!
  8. To make incredibly fun and creative art projects every other day of camp!
  9. To see how creatively Franc-O-Fun can decorate a church! To be  escorted into a charming French Village and into a real live French fairytale!

A Typical Day

Cinderella & Her Noble Knights Camp

July 6-17 | 10am–2pm

10:00 - 10:3
Bienvenue (Welcome time & Camp assembly) - Begin day with singing, staff puppet show or skit, vocabulary review and group games

10:30 - 11:00
Le Vocabulaire et les Jeux - learning new words and phrases around the theme reinforced with games

11:00 - 11:45
La Cuisine (French Cooking)* or Le Théâtre - Learn how to prepare a traditional French dish and enjoy eating it during goûter (snack). Alternating with role play, mini skits, plays with costumes and props

11:45 - 12:15
Le Déjeuner - lunch and playtime

12:15 - 1:00 
Les Projets d'Art (Arts & Crafts) - Participate in creative art projects related to the theme to reinforce learning

1:00 - 1:30 
Les Contes d'Histoire (storytime for 3-5's)
Les Exercises Écrits (writing exercises for 6-10's)

1:30 - 2:00 
Le Chant et les Comptines - Sing French songs related to the theme, recite rhymes, do fingerplay

*these will alternate every other day

Rave Reviews

"I must say that the camp experience was beyond words. Franc-O-Fun runs the best camp facility of any my girls have ever participated in. No others come close, the girls are still singing songs and re-doing the shows. What a gift you have given them. You should be very proud of your accomplishments!"

- Barbara Chopin of Weston

“The Cendrillon CD is amazing. My daughter belts the songs out in the car. Pure joy. Brings back all the fond memories she has of those enchanting two weeks of camp. You outdid yourself this summer. Your methods are charming, well-done and effective.”

- Laurel Giabaldi of South Salem

"We've tried several other programs in the area and Franc-O-Fun is by far the best. The lessons are creative and dynamic-every minute is fun and exciting. Using sign language really connects the words and sounds with their meanings. I am amazed at how much my daughter remembers and can pronounce perfectly."

- Cindy Powell of Stamford

Registration Guidelines

This year we are limiting our enrollment to 40 campers per week. Our hope is to continue our tradition of learning French in an intimate, nurturing and creative environment with a very select fluent staff of professionals that are passionate about teaching and developing their students’ fluency in French with music, theatre, poetry, sign language and games.

We are therefore offering early registration for those that want to guarantee a spot in one of our camps this summer. You can register your child for French Camp online by going back to Camp main page and clicking the yellow button that says "register".

Please see discount opportunities if you register by March 1st or April 1st . For the two week camps, we are highly encouraging you to sign up for both weeks to give your child the greatest opportunity to maximize his/her learning – the curriculum is structured for two weeks and culminates with a program/play on the last day of the two-week camp.

Refund Policy

You will receive a total refund up until April 10th

You will receive a refund minus $25 processing fee between April 1st up until June 1st

You will receive a refund minus $75 penalty fee anytime after June 1st (for the June camps) and after July 1st for the July camps.

Once French Camp begins, there are no partial refunds. If there is illness or an emergency, credit may be applied for future FOF French classes.

Please note that dates and venues are subject to change.

** The sibling discount is not applicable for our Summer Camps.
*** The 3% service charge on online payments will not be refunded.

Fostering the love & learning of French in young children since 1995