What Makes Franc-O-Fun Unique?

From the first “Bonjour, les enfants!” to the last “Au Revoir” children ages 3-12, are immersed in the beauty of the French language and the charm of the French culture, the learning reinforced with boundless creativity, careful attention to proper pronunciation, and a “joie de vivre” that is uniquely Franc-O-Fun! French is learned naturally, repetition is pleasant, and the children become more and more confident with the language as they enjoy themselves.

Immersion Approach Utilizing Stories and the Arts:
Only French is spoken during Franc-O-Fun classes. Children learn the language as naturally as they learned their mother tongue, in a playful, gentle and creative way with an imaginative setting of stories, song and skits.

Fairy-Tale Musical Theatre:
Well-loved fairy tales and familiar stories come vibrantly to life as
Franc-O-Fun students perform, act and sing all in French.

Hand Gestures and Sign Language:
The Franc-O-Fun program utilizes an effective method where children acquire French words (especially verbs) kinesthetically through the use of hand gestures and sign language. "Studies have proven that the use of gestures helps students remember the subject matter and enables them to communicate in French at a basic level with almost immediate results."1

Innovative Cultural Encounters:
To embellish our weekly classes, we encourage children and adults to take advantage of Franc-O-Fun's variety of unique opportunities to enhance and practice their French, ranging from a Saturday afternoon lesson on French artists, to preparing a soufflé as a part of a 3-course meal with mom, to April in Paris, cruising down the River Seine on a Bâteau-Mouche boat.

Original recordings of music and plays:
We are creating a new series "Il Etait Une Fois…" (Once Upon a Time), writing lyrics and composing music suited to our own French adaptations of fairy-tale musical theatre. These creations are tailored to our students' skill levels and have a certain, unmistakable Franc-O-Flair!

Assessment Tracking of our students' fluency in French:
To best track your child's progression in French, upon request we will provide an assessment review of each child at the end of each term as well as a class recommendation for the following year. Parents are also invited to attend a Franc-O-Fun performance.

1 Susanne Hiller
The National Post