Extra Offerings & Special Events - New!


Franc-O-NOËL ~ a weekly gathering of Franc-O-Fun students to learn and practice a French Christmas skit, carols, poems and dialogue to culminate in a Chantez Noël show that will be offered to the community (a nursing home, a library event for children, a French restaurant…) and give the children an opportunity to give this French musical theatre gift and use their French in public. Participants must already be enrolled in another weekly Franc-O-Fun class. A minimum of 8 children is necessary (Ages 6 - 10).

Allez en Ville! Le Français quotidien for Rouge II/Violet level students – ages 8 - 11. Students will get to use their French first-hand with 5 field trips during their 14 week session. They will come to French class learning target vocabulary and phrases for each field trip and then on specified dates, venture out and meet with their teacher at a pre-designated place: le supermarché, une boutique de fleurs, la poste, la bibliothèque, un café, un magasin d’animaux or une fromagerie…where they will converse in French, pretend to be customers and do written exercises. Students will be learn how to keep a journal (en français) and write a short story about their experiences en ville! Class size will be limited to 6 students.


Continued specials:

Le Club de Cinq “C” ~ Conversation, Chansons, Cuisine, Ciné et Contes The first Saturday of each month, children have an opportunity to come for French conversation, singing, cooking French desserts, watching an educational French movie and listening to French stories. This very popular offering allows children to continue learning and hearing French in the relaxed and intimate ambiance of the director’s home. The class runs from 3:00 – 5:00 pm four times per session.

Le Français in Nursery & Elementary Schools - We can bring French to your child’s school! Franc-O-Fun is pleased to be offering French at the following schools: Canaan Ridge Nursery School, Stamford St. Stephen’s Nursery School, Ridgefield Wilton YMCA Nursery School Scotland Elementary, Ridgefield.

Maman (ou Papa!) et Moi ~ a gentle and creative bonding time for mothers and toddlers (ages 12-30 months) as they learn French together with lullabies, rhymes, stories, songs and movement.