What parents are saying about the Franc-O-Fun program:

Applying French to life:

"We spent a month in Paris and my daughter's confidence was great; she ordered from a restaurant, from a butcher. I was so proud of her to have that confidence. It was just delightful to see it in real life —I was pleased as punch! Kimberly is incredible. My three-year-old is also taking French. To see my children emulating the signs and words is amazing. I am learning it with them, and I have a new love for it!"
— J. Dustin, Ridgefield

"Isabella is beside herself over the parts she got in Le Petit Chaperon Rouge. We listened to your CD twice this morning at breakfast (Mommy, play it again! Mommy, this is my part!) You are fantastic in the things you do and the excitement you bring!"

"Dear Kimberly, without exaggeration or flattery, please accept my opinion that you are an EXCELLENT teacher!"
— grandmother of student in FOF since 2004

"She sees French in books and she will recognize a word; in ballet, I mispronounced a position and she corrected me. She even surprises herself sometimes!"
— C. Rio, Ridgefield

Uniquely Franc-O-Fun — students learn perfect accents, have fun, are immersed in French:

First of all, thank you for sending the vocabulary sheet.  I find it very helpful to look at the words and reinforce what Robert is learning in class casually at home or in the car.  It is more meaningful to him when we can use vocabulary in a casual context aside from the class.
Second, we are enjoying Emilie’s Maman et Moi class a great deal.  She is very good at delivering the concepts and vocabulary while keeping it at the kids level.  She is also very patient with all the three students given their age and how easily they get distracted.  My son is learning a great deal while having fun.  By the way your methods and lessons are great!

"Everyone makes a fuss over my daughter's French accent. She pronounces the guttural "r" sound perfectly. She is very proud of herself and is always telling little French stories to her friends."
— S. Keyes, Ridgefield

"Franc-O-Fun is phenomenal! Sarah's accent is unbelievable. We went into a store and the women there thought she was French! Kimberly is also very gifted theatrically. The kids weren't just doing the French; they were really acting. It's another layer that makes it that much more sophisticated. Kimberly is fostering a love for learning the language. By teaching through verbs, it gives children the tools to start building sentences."
—A. Lowy, Wilton

"You were right — you DO make French fun! I am so pleased with how my children have taken to it. In all my years of studying French, I never found it fun or easy, and yet, with your approach they see it just like that. Thank you, thank you!!"
— E. Ellsworth, New Canaan

"Every time I see my daughter speaking French, it brings tears to my eyes! It is so touching to watch; some of the kids have only been reading for two years, and they're already reading another language."
— C. Rio, Ridgefield

"I don't know how you achieved it but just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this year's French play. Your staff did a SUPER job with the children — BRAVO! Driving home my daughter said to me, "Mama, please can I do French again? Please, please..."
— Z. Hedstrom, New Canaan

Ladies' French Classes:

I'm loving my classes more and more.  Absolutely the best teacher I have ever had and I've been thru Berlitiz and three sets of private lessons Veronique makes it so easy for me to understand.  What a treat and I totally adore her. 
—Love Cathy 

"One of the best things I have ever done for myself is enrolling in the Franc-o-Fun ladies class. Each week I look forward to learning an amazing amount of French in a fun, relaxed environment with a delightful teacher and fellow students. We come to class with different life experiences and unite in our common pursuit of becoming more proficient in this beautiful language!"
—C. Jones, New Canaan (2 years in class)

"My experience in learning French was during 7th, 8th, and 9th grades, and we were taught grammar, grammar, and more grammar, (just like we were taught Latin — dead language.) Franc-o-Fun's conversation classes have brought French speaking and culture alive for me. Hearing French through conversation and readings has not only helped my pronunciation but, more importantly, has given me confidence to try it again after so many years. (Plus, relearning a language is also good for old brain cells.)
— M. Carmichael, Wilton (4 years in class)

"Our 'mom's' French class is an excellent weekly 'escape' — I am practicing and learning French through conversation with friends...it is the perfect mix. We laugh, enjoy good company and learn all at the same time, immersed in the language and exposed to French culture though the use of Bien-Dire. I just love it!"
— S. Ranney, Ridgefield (4 years in class)

Regarding other French programs:

"My son enjoys your French class very much and I also think that he is learning more and definitely absorbing more this year from your class than he did from another program over the last two years!"

"We've tried several other programs in the area and Franc-O-Fun is by far the best. The lessons are creative and dynamic — every minute is fun and exciting. Using sign language really connects the words and sounds with their meanings. I am amazed at how much my daughter remembers and can pronounce perfectly."
— C. Powell, Stamford

"My girls had been in a French preschool in New York. When we came here, I looked at many schools. Kimberly's was the most personal and for the kids, the most user-friendly. It's not repetitive — it's fun!
For one semester, Kyra did an elementary school French program and she hated it. When we returned to Franc-O-Fun she had lost a lot of ground. It was evident how effective Kim's program was. The children learn a lot without even knowing they've learned a lot."
— S. Noonan, New Canaan

"I know it has only been two weeks, but I am so pleased with my son's French class! He mentioned that his teacher only speaks French all of the time. I was thrilled because in one of the other programs we tried, the teacher spoke mostly in English to the children. I really wanted a program where he was truly immersed in the language and culture so thank you FOF!"
— N. Coffin, New Canaan

Regarding Summer French camps:

"I have been meaning to send you an email to let you know that French Camp unleashed my daughter's French. She has been speaking beautifully with my in-laws (who are French) — using complete sentences and all. She has really turned a corner — thank you!!"

"Bonjour Madame Fox — I want to thank you again for putting on such a fabulous French Camp. — My girls had a great time and they learned so much. The teachers are fabulous and the songs creative and catchy. The most remarkable thing about the camp was that even my 25 month old picked up a lot of French thanks to hearing her sisters and the CD. She sings right along with them."

"My daughter loved the camps. They're spectacular. The variety in the activities and the crafts — spectacular artwork, crafts, murals — it's like a French village."
— A. Lowy, Wilton

"The Cendrillon (Cinderella) cd is amazing. My daughter belts the songs out in the car. Pure joy. Brings back all the fond memories she has of those enchanting two weeks of camp. You outdid yourself this summer. Your methods are charming, well done and effective."
— L. Gibaldi, South Salem, NY