ça fait combien?

Many new SAVING options are available this year to assist with your budget!

How to save? ~
(*Note to all Paypal users: our online paypal fees will not reflect discounts. Please make a note on your registration form regarding discount and FOF will refund you a check separately)


   Pay by August 25th - all three sessions in full and take 5% off plus no registration fee!

   Pay by July 31st - take $50 off total plus no registration fee - only offered to French Camp families

   Pay by September 1st ~ Referrals ~ you may be awarded $50 when you recommend a new family to FOF & this family enrolls for a 14-week session or more (after you have enrolled your child) - $30 registration fee will be waived if you pay by September 1st

~CHEZ-VOUS ~ HOST a French class at your house for 4 or more children and receive $50 refund at the end of each 14-week session

~Sibling Discounts ~ take an additional $30 off for second child & $40 for third child
(*note: sibling discounts apply to academic school year classes however they do NOT apply to Mini-Spring Fling session, Summer Camps, monthly cooking classes, home groups or semi-private lessons)

~Payment Plans available ~ (you may not use Paypal for payment plans)
  There will be a $10 finance charge added to each payment.

Volunteer? ~
This program is entirely supported by tuitions ~ we hope to maintain the quality and ensure the ongoing commitment of families devoted to having their children learn French. Would you consider serving in a volunteer capacity on one of our new committees? ~
Les Femmes Fantastiques ~ an advisory panel of ladies willing to lend their professional expertise of counsel, critique, ideas, networking etc.. For every 15 hours that you serve, attend one group cooking class with your child for FREE.

Les Belles Bénévoles ~ a group of “worker bees” that are keen on serving the program in any of a variety of areas from decorating ideas for French Camp to painting scenery or t-shirts to helping with French plays to setting up our French picnics each week. For every 15 hours that you serve, attend one group cooking class with your child for FREE.