Meet Our French Teachers:
Kimberly ~ Director: Kimberly has been passionate about the French language for the past twenty-seven years. She created Franc-O-Fun French for Children in 1995 and has encouraged hundreds of young children to love learning and speaking and singing French and to embrace the French culture. She graduated from Bucknell University in 1980 with a BA degree in French and a minor in International Relations. She spent the year 1979 studying in Paris through l'Institut d'Etudes Européenes and lived with a French family. That same year she worked with children during the summer in Liège, Belgium. After a ten-year career in New York City planning Special Events for Morgan Stanley and the New York Special Olympics, she returned to her first love, the French language, and working with children. Madame "le Renard" (Fox) began teaching French to children with Language Enterprises, Inc. where she taught in public and private schools throughout Fairfield County for three years. In addition she taught French for several years to beginner and intermediate adults through Wilton Continuing Education. Since 1997, Kimberly has written and directed a large assortment of charming French plays, created unique and effective curriculum and orchestrated large groups of children and staff for French Camps that are one of a kind. She and her staff continue to seek out innovative ways to foster the learning of the French language such as introducing cultural adventure trips for families to France, challenging moms of our students to learn French alongside their children and offering culinary extravaganzas.

Cindy: Madame Cindy - Je suis née et ai grandi dans la partie francophone de la Suisse. Depuis toute petite, j’ai un attrait tout particulier pour l’enseignement. A l’âge de 18 ans, je suis venue pour la première fois aux Etats-Unis dans le cadre d’un échange linguistique. J’ai vécu durant une année avec une famille d’accueil à Ridgefield dans le Connecticut. De retour en Suisse, je me suis orientée vers l’enseignement et j’ai tout d’abord obtenu un baccaulauréat avec options psychologie et pédagogie. J’ai ensuite poursuivi mes études à la Haute Ecole Pédagogique de Fribourg afin de devenir enseignante primaire. En 2006, j’ai acquis un diplôme d’enseignement aux degrés pré-scolaires et primaires. Par la suite, j’ai été titulaire d’une classe primaire durant trois ans. En 2009, j’ai quitté la Suisse et ai déménagé aux Etats-Unis où j’ai travaillé au contact d’enfants pendant trois ans avant d’intégrer l’équipe de Franc-o-Fun au début de l’année 2013. Je vis actuellement à Stamford avec mon mari et ma fille.

Cindy was born and raised in the French speaking part of Switzerland. Growing up, Cindy always had a passion for teaching. When she was 18, she came to the US for the first time as an exchange student. For a year, Cindy lived with a host family in Ridgefield, CT. When she returned to Switzerland, she oriented her studies toward teaching. Cindy first earned a baccalaureat with a focus on psychology and pedagogy then she went on to teaching school where she learned to become a primary school teacher. She obtained a teaching diploma for pre-school and primary education in 2006. From 2006 until 2009, she taught at an elementary school in Switzerland.

In 2009, Cindy moved to the US and worked with children for three years before joining the Franc-o-Fun team at the beginning of 2013. She currently lives in Stamford with her husband and daughter.

Veronique: Madame Veronique was born and raised in France, in a beautiful small town near Dijon. After she finished her baccalaureate (Languages and Literature), she had the opportunity to realize her dream to go and visit the United States. She lived in Louisiana, attended Louisiana State University, and began to teach French to elementary age children and to adults. She currently lives in Fairfield and has been teaching French for 20 years. She is very pleased to take part now in teaching French with the exciting and creative Franc-O-Fun program.