Summer French Camp – Top 10 Reasons to go to Camp

10. To expose your child to four hours of French a day for two weeks. That makes forty
hours (around $18 per hour)!!
9. Because the Camper ~ Teacher/assistant teacher ratios are one to six, it maintains an
intimate and nurturing forum for learning
8. To meet Monsieur Lumière, Madame Potts, Grande Tasse and bien sûr, Belle!
7. To come to a theatre/music/cooking/art camp all tied up into one AND where French is learned and spoken the whole time!
6. To watch a puppet show every morning during opening assembly by Franc-O-Fun assistants.
5. To celebrate la fête de la Bastille on July 14th!
4. Because the cooking projects (surtout les crêpes) are SO délicieux!
3. To make incredibly fun and creative art projects every other day of camp!
2. To see how creatively Franc-O-Fun can decorate a church!
1. To be  escorted into a charming French Village and into a real live French fairytale!

Pourquoi pas?

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